The software is easy to use and has an interface which is optimized to use with Eye Gaze systems. Most functions can be used just with gazing on the buttons. With this software the user can make creative experiences and be an artist at a glance.

It’s probably the most famous quote by the German artist Joseph Beuys:
“Everyone is an artist.” And it’s probably also the most misunderstood. Because what Beuys did notmean is that everyone is an artist in the usual and narrow sense of the word, like a painter or a sculptor. For Beuys “artist” was the word to describe the essence of what it means to be a human being: The deep need and fundamental ability to create and be creative. In this sense, “everyone is an artist” means that everyone can and needs to be creative — so you can be an “artistic” mother, an “artistic” manager, an “artistic” bus driver, even an “artistic” politician. It doesn’t matter what your means of expression are — being an artist means being creative in whatever way is available for and feels natural to you.

"Everyone is an artist" includes people that are not able to use their hand or their voice like others do. Some artist use the help of new technology like Eyetracking (control a computer with your eyes) and software that supports their needs. collects information about this and provides an easy to use software - "DigitalPainter" to do drawings with your Eyes, Mouse Movements (and voice). It is a private project and is under development by Lars Tiedemann, Inclusive Educator (Dipl. Heilpädagoge (FH)) and tested by Nele Diercks (Co-Referent (Geselleschaft für Unterstützte Kommunikation)). 

This piece of  software we developed, is donationware. So if you like it and if you want to use it please do a donation. Nele Diercks has cerebral palsy. She cannot use her legs, arms and hands as others do, but she likes to bicylcle like other do. Nele Diercks and I love to go bicycling. We have a 22 year old "Rollfiets" which is a combination of a wheelchair and a bike. It is broken and we are looking for a new one. The company Van Raam has the OPair 3 (see image) which would fit to Neles needs. We collect money since a while to buy a new bike. This project aims for buying Nele a new bike. So please if you use this software donate for a new bike with the "Donate" button below.